AICP Celebration At CampFriday and Saturday are specials days at our camp! We are planning a very nice day and evening with our guest speaker and our VIP reciter, Brother ^Abdul Hameed Chehab, for beautiful Qur’an recitations.

Friday & Saturday event includes:

  • Special Islamic lectures
  • Several Qur’an recitations that will surely soften the heart, in shaa’Allaah.
  • The Islamic Band from our center in Fort Lauderdale will also join us on Friday & Saturday for memorable Madeeh / Nasheed / Chants.

Featured Qur’an Recitation for brother ^Abdul Hameed Chehab:

>>> Click to listen to his Qur’an Recitation. This was recorded during one of our Islamic celebrations

If you would like to attend the Saturday event and have additional questions, please email us by clicking here or call us at (321) 578-9446.


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